7 Ways To Preserve Your Food

7 Methods Of Food Preservation

Are you looking for ways to start your long-term food storage?

Using the food preservation methods listed below will help you:

Preserving your own food will help you do that.

Depending on which preservation method you choose, some food can last for up to 25 years once properly perserved.

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What is Food Preservation?

Food preservation is way of treating your food to make it last longer.

It is also one of the oldest sciences used by humans.

There are many ways you can preserve your food.

The preservation method you choose will depend on the food you are preserving and how long you want to extend its the shelf life.

By using the methods listed below, you can extend your food’s shelf life by removing moisture, slowing down enzymes, and stopping bacteria from growing.

What Are The 7 Methods Of Food Preservation?

The Seven Methods of Food Preservation

  1. Freeze Drying
  2. Dehydration
  3. Canning
  4. Sugaring
  5. Pickling
  6. Salting
  7. Freezing

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Freeze Drying

Freeze drying dehydrates food by using low temperatures to remove moisture.

And since freeze drying doesn’t use heat, your food keeps more nutrients than with canning and dehydrating with heat.

Using a freeze dryer to preserve your food is great for adding to your home food storage!

Some freeze dried food can last up to 25 years.


This method involves heat to remove enough moisture to prevent bacteria from growing.

Dried foods then need to be packaged to protect them from invading insects and moisture.

You can dry foods with an electric food dehydrator or in your oven.


Canning involves packing a food container, such as a can or jar, and applying enough heat to kill any bacteria that might be present.

The heating and cooling process forms a vacuum seal.

The seal prevents other microorganisms from contaminating the food in the jar or can.

There are two main ways of canning food.

  • Water bath canning – this uses a water bath to preserve high acid foods
  • Pressure canning – this uses a pressure canner to preserve low acid foods

Using Sugar

Sugar preserves food by removing the amount of water available for bacteria to grow.

Heat treatment is usually used as well to reduce the amount of bacteria already present.

Foods preserved this way are sealed in air-tight containers to keep them from being contaminated.

This method is commonly used to preserve jams and jellies.


This method involves packing your food in acid.

The acid reduces the food’s pH level to a low enough level that prevents bacteria from growing.

Some acids that can be used are vinegar and citric acid. 


This method uses salt to prevent bacteria from growing.

It works by drawing out the water that bacteria need to grow.

A ten percent concentration of salt will achieve that.

Some foods that can be preserved this way are meats and fish.


Storing food in cold temperatures stops bacteria from growing and slows down the action of the enzymes in the food that cause it to go bad.

Most foods can be preserved by storing them in a freezer.

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Final Thoughts On Food Preservation

Learning how to preserve your food will help you build a home supply of food that can last many years.

It will give you peace of knowing that you don’t have to worry about being able to access the grocery store to take care of your family.

7 Methods To Preserve Your Food