9 Best Tips For Being Less Reliant On The Grocery Store

Are you worried about empty grocery store shelves? Or not being able to get to a grocery store to get groceries to feed your family?

This article will show you the things you can do to be less reliant on the supermarket.

10 Indoor Growing Ideas For Busy Moms

Why you should be less dependent on the grocery store

Being completely dependent on the grocery store to feed your family can leave you without food to eat.

Droughts can leave store shelves empty. And natural disasters can lead to not being able to reach a grocery store or their closure.

Knowing how to be less reliant on store shelves will give you the comfort of knowing that you can take care of your family.

Empty grocery store shelves

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9 Best Ways To Be Less Dependent On The Grocery Store

Grow your own food with an indoor garden system

You can start growing your own food year round indoors with indoor garden kits like the AeroGarden or a Click and Grow system.

Some foods you can grow with an indoor garden kit are:

  • herbs
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce

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Start A DIY Indoor Garden

An easy way to get started with a DIY indoor garden is by regrowing kitchen scraps you already have in your home.

You can start regrowing many scraps in just water then transfer to a pot of soil later.

You can also start growing your own seeds in soil with your DIY garden.

If you don’t have a lot of sunlight in your home you can use growing lights to help the plants grow.

Grow Sprouts and Microgreens

Sprouts and microgreens are very nutritious and easy to grow at home.

10 Indoor Growing Ideas For Busy Moms

Preserve the food you grow

You can learn ways of preserving your food so it will last longer for storage. This will reduce your dependence on the grocery store by increasing the amount of time you can go without it.

Some ways you can do this is by:

Make some of the foods you would normally buy

Instead of buying produce from the grocery store, you will be able to use the food you grow at home.

Some things you can make yourself at home are:

  • pickles
  • jams
  • salsa
  • tomato sauce

Make your own flour

Whole grains can be stored for a very long time. And by using a flour mill you can make your own fresh flour anytime you need.

Have a food storage in your home

Keep a large amount of non-perishable foods stocked in your home. Foods such as beans, wheat, and rice will last you a very long time.

Other foods to add are well preserved fruits and vegetables.

Forage for some food

You may be surprised by the edible plants that you can find out in the wild. Here are a few:

  • cattails
  • acorns
  • dandelions
  • stinging nettle

Buy from local farmers

Buying from local farmers has many benefits. You will know where your food came from and what the animals were fed. Some things you can purchase are:

  • eggs
  • chicken
  • beef
  • pork
  • honey
10 Indoor Growing Ideas For Busy Moms

Conclusions For Less Reliance on Grocery Stores

Learning to grow and preserve your own food will help you to be less dependent on grocery stores.

Add on a well stocked pantry of long lasting food and you will no longer have the fear of being completely reliant on outsources to feed your family.

9 Ways To Be Less Dependent On The Grocery Store