The 3 Best AeroGardens For Growing Tomatoes

Best AeroGardens For Growing Tomatoes

Are you looking to buy an AeroGarden for growing tomatoes and not sure which one is best?

After reading this article you will know which AeroGardens are best for growing tomatoes.

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Farm Plus

If you’re short on time, here is a quick list of the best AeroGardens for growing tomatoes:

  1. Farm 24XL
  2. Farm 12XL
  3. Farm 24Plus
  4. Bounty Elite

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Can You Grow Tomatoes Successfully In An AeroGarden?

Yes, you sure can. The AeroGarden comes with everything you need to successfully grow tomatoes.

The AeroGarden growing systems come with the:

  • seeds
  • nutrients
  • growing lights

Best Tomato Varieties For AeroGardens

The best tomato varieties to grow in an AeroGarden are ones that have compact growth.

All of the tomato varieties sold by AeroGarden have compact growth and will be best for growing in your AeroGarden.

The tomato seeds from AeroGarden are all non-gmo, herbicide and pesticide free and come with a 100% germination guarantee.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Tomatoes In An AeroGarden

AeroGarden tomatoes are ready to be harvested in about 8 – 10 weeks and will produce for about 6 months.

Which AeroGardens Are Best For Growing Tomatoes?

Some AeroGardens have greater growing heights and are better suited for growing tall tomato plants.

The best AeroGardens for growing tomatoes are the ones that have at least 24 inches of growing room.

Best Floor Model AeroGardens For Growing Tomatoes:

Farm 24XL

The Farm 24XL is the tallest AeroGarden. It has a growing height of 36″ which provides the most growing room of all the AeroGardens.

It has two 60 watt full spectrum LED lights with an automatic timer and also gives automatic reminders for water and plant food.

The Farm 24XL is stackable and has a touch screen control panel and can connect with WiFi and Amazon Echos.

Farm 12XL

The AeroGarden Farm 12XL model has the same 36″ growing height as the Farm 24XL. But the Farm 12XL is half the width and has room to grow 12 plants instead of 24.

This AeroGarden is another great choice for growing tomatoes indoors.

Farm 24Plus

The Farm 24Plus is the second biggest AeroGarden and has a growing height of 24 inches.

The Farm 24Plus also has two 60 watt full spectrum LED lights with an automatic timer and automatic water and plant food reminders.

Like the Farm 24XL it has WiFi and Amazon Echo connectivity and is stackable.

Best Countertop AeroGarden For Growing Tomatoes

Bounty Elite

The Bounty Elite is the best countertop AeroGarden for growing tomatoes.

This AeroGarden has a 24 inch growing height and a 50 watt LED full spectrum light.

The Bounty Elite has a full color touchscreen and a vacation mode option to keep your tomatoes in great shape while you’re away.

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Final Thoughts On The Best AeroGarden For Growing Tomatoes

The best AeroGarden for growing tomatoes is the Farm 24XL since it has the most growing room at 36 inches.

If you have very limited space and need a smaller unit then the countertop Bounty Elite is your best option for growing tomatoes.

Best AeroGardens For Tomatoes

best aerogardens for growing tomatoes

best aerogardens for growing tomatoes